Data Analytics

Data is a key commodity for modern businesses, and capitalizing on that data through analytics can lead your business into the future. Creating actionable business intelligence will enable your business to march forward and grow with the confidence of highly informed decisions and strategies.

How we help…

Whether you have one small data source or petabytes of data, are using Excel sheets or Tableau visualizations, we have the expertise on our team to help you develop and refine a business intelligence strategy using expertly architected data analytics platforms. As with all services Conflux Consulting provides, an emphasis on scalability, reliability, and security comes standard.


Designing an efficient and secure data warehouse and/or designing or remediating existing data source with data warehousing and analytics in mind is what Conflux does with your company in mind.  Let us help design and implement a data warehouse that works best for you. Our process is EASY-E!:

Audit & Understand
System Architecture
Yield Measurement



If you are having issues with your database running slow or getting your ETL jobs done in a timely manner, let our team at Conflux help.  We can help analyze, remediate issues, and right-size your data storage ecosystem, helping to drive efficiencies that save time and money.

Data Migration

One of the largest assets a company has is its data – leveraging that value starts with how it is processed and stored.  Conflux can help you assess where you are, plan for where you need to go and implement the solution or help guide your team in doing so.  We can do a one-shot migration or have an ongoing process designed. We are able to help any step of the journey – from selecting tools to designing the migration workflows and Conflux is uniquely configured to support you with exactly as as you need, leveraging your teams and strengths to be a part of the solution, saving time, driving internal adoption and reducing spend waste.


Analytics can play a very important role for companies from creating simple reports using Excel to complex data visualizations using products such as Tableau or Power BI.  Conflux can help you determine what needs your business might have and implement with the proper controls and functionality to help your business prosper with the proper data reporting.


Data security is a high priority to keep your company safe, let us help you assess, advise & apply using our expert knowledge and best practices.  We will be able to assist you in meeting internal and regulatory guidelines, along with providing support for any internal and/or external auditing of your data sources and analytics platforms. Keeping your data secure is a must in this growing world, don’t let your security fall behind.


The art of ETL is working with the business to understand what data needs migrated/transformed accompanied by the technical skills to select the right tools and develop the intricate processes which result in a functional data warehouse. This process can also be beneficial for your business intelligence needs. Our experience with all sizes of companies and data sources uniquely qualifies us to help you no matter the job.

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