Infrastructure and Networking

Having appropriate servers and infrastructure for a company is what truly brings the people and technology together. Even in the age of cloud first and remote focused solutions, substantial needs exist to have a robust internal infrastructure to support these solutions and drive business value for your company.

How we help…

Conflux provides easy to manage and scalable infrastructure solutions tailored to the needs of your business. We build secure solutions that make sense and perform well whether you’re setting up a small workspace for your startup or undergoing a full enterprise refresh.

Cloud Managed Networking

Whether your company has a Network Infrastructure already in place or looking to get one setup, let our team at Conflux help get your cloud based network managed properly.  Our qualified staff will be able to  remotely manage and monitor any cloud based network to make sure your systems are working properly.

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Do you have a secured private network that needs a redesign, maybe just some finishing touches, or need one completed?  The Conflux team can design your secured private network, using DIA circuits to make sure your company is secure and ready to go.

Wireless Network Design

Conflux can assess the current health of your existing wireless infrastructure, or help implement a new one that gives you what you are looking to implement.  We can then design and deploy a solution based on the needs of your organization to maximize the potential your company has to offer.

Virtualization & Infrastructure

The Conflux team can assist in assessing your current infrastructure and virtualization environments, then provide an upgrade path or redesign as needed for your company.  We are able to provide you with the help you are looking for from start to finish to make your environments a dream solution.

Enterprise Data Storage

Whether it is on premise, or in the cloud, the Conflux team can assist in finding the best storage solution for your business.  We are able to help find a secure storage system that works best for your goals, no matter how big or small the solution might be for your business goals.

Identity & Policy Management

Our team at Conflux can help find a solution to protect your business user identities and provide secure policy management that will ensure your users are safe.  Having the correct policy management in place will help keep your business secure and running without any worries!

Schedule a Consulation

Let us provide an objective assessment of your current state and help you align your technology with business processes as well as industry best practices.

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