Public Cloud

Cloud computing is a HUGE term that we all know means lots of different things, so to be clear, we are talking about how Conflux can work with your team to migrate and host your database(s) with unlimited scalable capabilities – most often for less than companies are currently paying to support and maintain in their existing environments.   

Not to mention… Migrating a company to the Cloud almost always provides a company with many new options, including a much easier path to mobilizing a remote workforce and opening up hiring geographies for hard to fill positions. 

Public Cloud can make sharing resources, communicating and engaging the team an easy task wherever the team is located! 

How we help…

Here at Conflux we have the knowledge and skills to implement a Cloud based setup for any size and type of company.  We have provided support for small portions for large (fortune 500) companies, large portions of other companies and in some cases full cloud migrations.  

Size doesn’t matter – if you are a 5, 500 or 50,000 person workforce, Conflux can assess your current environment and help provide options and a path forward.  With this “being of service” approach, Conflux empowers our clients to make decisions that provide the results needed to meet their goals

Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Defining a cloud strategy is an important first step in the journey from the datacenter. We can help you build an effective plan whether you are building a greenfield solution, implementing a hybrid cloud, or going cloud-first. Leverage our vendor agnostic knowledge to guide your business to the best decision on this important path.

Security & Compliance

When trusting your data to live outside your “four walls,” ensuring that it’s properly secured it paramount. Conflux can help you align your organization’s goals alongside regulatory and regional requirements to ensure compliance and smooth operation for your teams success!

Cost Review & Optimization

Alongside security and performance, most people want to know how to control and optimize their cloud spend. This is an area we take special pride in because delivering business value is a core principal Conflux holds. We can perform on-time or scheduled assessments to ensure your cost controls are met and your cloud services are working for you.

Hybrid & Private Cloud

Not only can our team help you implement a cloud-first architecture, we also are experts in hybrid solutions and private cloud management. From strategy to vendor selection and management, Conflux can help you at every step of the way for a smooth implementation.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Providing the ability to recover from an unexpected adverse event is an excellent use of cloud resources and something we are familiar with. Leverage our experience building highly redundant and fault tolerant systems to ensure your demands for uptime are met, regardless of the situation.

Cloud Migrations

Moving data and services to the cloud can be tricky, and we have the knowledge to ensure that your migration will be a success. Let our skilled staff guide you by creating a plan and being there for the execution and support to make sure your migration is completed with out any headaches for you.

Schedule a Consulation

Let us provide an objective assessment of your current state and help you align your technology with business processes as well as industry best practices.

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