Remote Workforce Productivity

Remote workforce is an area that is being sought out by many companies to keep the business running, employees safe and systems scalable and up to date.  Being able to run and manage employees remotely can be easy and more efficient on work productivity and even allow for huge reductions in real-estate expenses.   

Our goal is to help give employers the capability to keep the work flowing while providing flexibility to employees and freedom from commuting and sometimes even showering.  Remote workforces are utilized in many verticals and Conflux would like to help your team discover and design the right remote work options for your organization. 

How we help…

Conflux Consulting was built with remote working in our DNA. We have been fully remote from the start and our first major client project was to transition from an office based setup to a full remote infrastructure.  Whether your vision is for a full remote workforce or to provide flexible working options, we have the experience to make this happen for you.

Remote Work

Let Conflux help set a remote workforce, that will bring the current market into reality.  This allows the company to work remotely all of the time without the commute to the office, bring productivity up along with the employees moral of being able to work in the comforts of their everyday situations.  This option allows flexibility in a schedule or be able to keep with a normal 9 to 5 type schedule.


Conflux can help set your team up to be a telecommuting office, that gives the ability to work remotely or to be in the office.  This option will give the flexibility to still be a valuable asset to the company even when a foot cannot be inside the office.  With the flexibility that Telecommuting adds, the team and management, would be able to have the best of both the on premise and the remote workforce when circumstances arise.

Data Management

Need help with a data management solution that can work for a remote workforce or a telecommuting workforce?  Conflux can help meet the needs of your company with an assessment of what you would like to implement to keep the work grind moving.  Data management and storage is an important part of a company with many solutions, we can help get the best solutions started for your company.


Let Conflux help deploy a secure environment for your team to access in a safe manner anytime, anywhere. Whether  the information is on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid solution, we will make sure that the connections are safe and secure with no worry for the company or the employee.  Let us assess your environment to verify that it is safe or help implement a solution that is right for you.

Schedule a Consulation

Let us provide an objective assessment of your current state and help you align your technology with business processes as well as industry best practices.

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