15 October, 2021

2FA – Two Factor Authentication, why you should use it!

Although most of your personal information and accounts are secured by passwords, once someone gets that password, all that information is compromised. The only thing protecting yourself from hackers is a password, but luckily there is another layer of protection that can help secure your information to a greater extent.  Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a really great way to secure your accounts and scare off malicious people trying to steal your information.

2FA involves using an additional device or method that is used on top of a password to access your account.

  • When you log on to your account, you are required to enter in a passcode that was sent as a text to your smart device
  • Another way is that an authentication email is sent when you try to login

Although this seems like a nuisance, it is a very needed process to help avoid fraud.  This eliminates the possibilities of someone logging into your accounts.  With all the phishing emails, posts & calls it is hard to keep all your data safe.  By using an extra step to log into something that has a lot of personal information, it keeps you safe and others unable to gain access without the verification of the second form.  This will also allow you to gain the information that someone has compromised that password for that account and give you the ability to change the password before any true harm has been done.

2FA is a tool that will allow businesses and persons to be able to keep their data save from hackers.  If a hacker has your password information, it would be easy for them to gain access to a lot of data and become a security risk.  Stop that risk by adding the extra layer with the tools that are easily accessible.  This could save some time and money in the future by stopping an attack before it happens by getting a notification of access to your account and being able to deny the access if it is not you trying to access the data.

The Conflux team uses this method to keep our data safe, we like to educate our clients on this practice to add one more security feature that may not have been being used.  This is something that we believe helps with many attempts to keep off the attacks of outside sources that are here to create harm to a company or person.  Do the extra step keep your data safe!

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